Three Ways a Zone Controlled System Can Save You Money

Zone Controlled SystemWho wants to heat or cool a room that no one is in? It’s a waste of money right? With zoning, you’re able to heat or cool different areas of the house when needed. Because each zone has its own thermostat, there’s no energy being wasted on empty rooms. Let’s look at the benefits of adding a zone controlled system and see how it can save you money.

If your home has some rooms with many windows, or some rooms with high ceilings, it is the perfect candidate for a zone controlled system. Those rooms are more difficult to heat and cool. So while one room might be the perfect temperature, the room with many windows could be very hot, so it will take longer to cool down for example. With zone controlling, the thermostat in that room can be set at a different temperature than other rooms so the unit isn’t running all day or night. This makes it more efficient. It can also lead to a longer lifespan for your unit.

Zone control is also useful if you have a larger house with rooms that aren’t in use very often. Those rooms might not need to be heated or cooled like the remainder of the house. So why keep them at the same temperature?

An additional benefit of zone control is for the comfort of family members. We all have that one family member who is hotter or colder than everyone else. You know, the one who is bundled up when the temperature drops below 75 or the one who likes to live in an igloo. With zone control everyone can be happy. Each room has their own thermostat so those who want to freeze can freeze, and those who want to sweat can sweat without making the whole house miserable!

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