What to do with a Pink Bathroom? In Need of A Bathroom Remodel?

bathroom remodelOnce upon a time, long, long ago, many of the older bathrooms in our island community, as well as elsewhere, were popularly and stylishly tiled in pink and fitted with matching tubs, toilets and sinks.
Now that time has come and gone and many of you are wondering how to bring your pale pink potty area up to date.
In many instances, a total bathroom remodel is not practical for a number of reasons. Fear not! There is hope! You can do wonders with just paint and fabric, towels and accessories! Choosing the correct colors and patterns will make all the difference.
Here are some helpful tips. The most important elements in your transformation will be paint color, fabric pattern, and artwork. Everything else will be icing on the cake!

1. Shades of taupe are an excellent choice for an up- to- date paint color that works well with pink. It will tone it down and is easy to coordinate with many taupe and pink fabric patterns.

2. When choosing the fabric, whether it is contemporary or traditional, it should reflect the style of your home and furnishings. Choose a pattern that has plenty of taupe/beige shades with accents and details in shades of pink. It should be something that you really love!

3. Match your paint to a shade of taupe in your fabric. Most paint stores can color match it for you from the fabric sample.

bathroom remodel
4. Select artwork that complements the main colors in your fabric choice. If the fabric is busy the art work should be less busy and visa- versa. Be sure it has enough color to “pop” against the taupe wall color.

5. Now, for the icing! Pick two colors from the fabric for your coordinating towels and washcloths. Add a new soap holder, waste basket and other accessories in polished chrome or brushed nickel, and a rug.


silver accessories
Avoid buying sets of shower curtains with all matching accessories. This gives the bath a generic look and lacks a personal feel. If you have difficulty making choices, enlist the help of a design savvy friend.
If your budget permits, changing the lavatory faucet and cabinet pulls will make a huge difference!
You will be amazed at how just these few upgrades will give your bath an entirely new and up to date look without breaking the bank with a bathroom remodel!

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