Time to get ready for the cold weather

Florida is a great place to live! We do not experience the seasons like other states, but as the cold weather approaches, homeowners must prepare for issues associated with the oncoming cold. It is important to have a plan on how to protect your plumbing through this cold season.

protect your plumbing

Disconnect outside water hoses

In the cold weather water hoses might build up rust or become tight. If the water hoses used to water your flowers or wash your car are left connected frozen water might cause permanent damage to your pipes. Make sure all the outsides faucets are not dripping or have any other leakage issues.

Pools, Ponds, and Fountains

It is vital to constantly clean your pool. Even more so however when the cold weather comes in, it is recommended that you remove the leaves or branches from your pool and ponds on a regular basis.

Water Heater

It is necessary to make sure your heater is in good shape for the coming weather. This might require some preventative work, which you can do it yourself, or call a local plumber to help you with it. To make sure your heater will perform at its best in the cold season, it is recommended that you flush your water heater. Please do not do this yourself, we recommend a professional plumber who could check it and make sure there aren’t any other issues your heater might have.

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