Summer Pool Maintenance –Don’t let the rain decide how your pool looks

Yes, Florida is the sunshine state, but recently, it seems like the rainy state. Some of you might be wondering how all of this rain affects your pool and the importance of summer pool maintenance. Believe it or not, the rain isn’t diluting the chemicals in your pool, but rather its adding things to it.

summer pool maintenance

Rain doesn’t only add water to your pool; it adds algae, pollen, dust, and other environmental debris. If your pool is covered by a screen enclosure, anything trapped on the screen (like little droppings left by your neighborhood birds) can also get into the pool. Algae, however is the biggest culprit, and the sun only makes the algae grow quicker. Don’t let the rain decide how your pool looks!

If you are doing your own pool maintenance, some of the tips below can help you to keep your pool crystal clear:

  • Run the filter long enough, at least 8-10 hours a day.
  • Test the pH level, and re-balance it if you need to
  • Clean the filter on a weekly basis.
  • Add a shock treatment
  • Brush the sides of the pool (it makes the shock treatment work better) even if it doesn’t look dirty

While you might be happy that the increased rain is keeping your pool full, (lower water bill for you) remember that rain is not your pool’s friend. LaPensee Plumbing Pools & Air can provide your pool with the services it requires. We will work with you at your convenience to establish a customized service agreement that puts your pool on a weekly, routine maintenance program that can be adjusted as you deem necessary, assuring your pool with be cleaned and properly maintained. Individualizing your pool’s requirements allows us to offer the best possible pricing options available and convenient monthly billing. Additionally, we can replace or repair pool pumps, heaters and filters. Contact us today for a Free Estimate!

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