Summer Air is On the Way

Summer AirSummer is on the way! The majority of our utility bill comes from heating or cooling our homes. Therefore it is important to keep air conditioning units in good shape prior to them needing to be running around the clock. Right now most of us are probably enjoying the low utility bills, but pretty soon, they’ll be creeping up. See these simple steps to get your system ready for that summer air.

1. Check out your thermostat. Outdated thermostats should probably be replaced. You could save money by installing a newer energy efficient programmable one.

2. Clean the coils on the condenser (usually located outside). The coils could be covered with leaves or yard debris.

3. Clean underneath the condenser. Usually the condenser is situated on a concrete slab. Make sure the area around and underneath the slab is free from debris as well. Don’t allow a build-up of leaves or other yard debris to collect around it.

4. Check the refrigerant lines. These lines should be insulated. When properly insulated, they will improve the efficiency of the air conditioning system. If they need to be repaired, contact a professional to do this.

5. Air Conditioning units do have a life span of about 10 years. And even with proper maintenance, it will eventually wear out. If your air conditioner is old, consider buying an energy-efficient model. Look for the ENERGY STAR® and EnergyGuide labels — qualified central units are about 15% more efficient than standard models.

If you think you are in need of a new air conditioner, the experts at LaPensee can help you determine the right one for your home. Proper sizing is important to prevent problems with humidity, as well as attaining comfortable temperature on the hottest days. High efficiency ratings are important too. LaPensee Plumbing, Pools and Air also has maintenance plans to help keep your unit running efficiently. Give us a call at (941) 778-5622 to see how we can help to keep you cool.

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