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ioDigital Showering System

One of the worst feelings in the world is jumping into the shower and having the water either scald or freeze your body. Most of the time we have to stand outside of the shower adjusting the temperature until it is bearable to step in. Well, like most items being produced in this digital age, Moen manufacturers have decided to turn the shower experience digital as well. With the new ioDigital Showering System you can control your shower with the touch of a button. All of this and more can be done from the comfort of your pillow.




ioDigital will tell you everything you need to know-before you get in and get wet. The controller provides quick, visual feedback-LED indicators flash until your requested settings are achieved. The LED’s will even alert you if your hot water supply happens to run low. With each LED on the temperature indicator representing a narrow 3 degree Fahrenheit range. ioDigital allows you to dial in the precise temperature you desire. Plus, the system locks in your settings electronically. Even if water is turned on in another part of your house, ioDigital will virtually eliminate any noticeable fluctuation in water delivery. One of the greatest advantages of ioDigital technology is the ability to program your preferred settings into memory. With the flexibility to store up to four different presets, you can get the exact bath or shower experience you want again and again, with the touch of just one button. Nothing could be easier.



Available For

Vertical Spa

Save your preferred spray outlets to create the perfect vertical spa experience, every time.


Change the way you shower with ioDIGITAL’s completely customizable and easy-to-use technology.

Roman Tub

ioDIGITAL for Roman tubs includes a top-off button for when the water level or temperature dips.

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