Remodeling your bathroom should be a blast!

Remodeling your bathroom

Remodeling your bathroom should be a blast!

Being faced with the job of selecting all the products for your new bathroom can be overwhelming. But here are a few ways to make the task a lot more manageable and even fun.

1. Start a folder of pictures you like. Before you go shopping, take time to look through home magazines or websites like Houzz Tear or print out the pictures of the bathrooms you love. Before you know it, you will have a style you always gravitate to. Go with it! This is a great tool to help your sales person know exactly what you like and guide you to products in your style and budget.
An enthusiastic sales person can make all the difference!

2. Have a starting point. Is there one thing that you have found that you just love? Maybe you have found a bronze decorative wall tile, or a really sleek stainless steel faucet, or even a cobalt blue glass vessel bowl. Find the thing that makes you say “ooooo-aaahhh”. That is your starting point!

3. Always, always, begin your faucet selections with the lavatory. Whether you are using an under mount lavatory bowl, a vessel or bowl with existing faucet holes, you will want to begin your faucet selection with right lavatory faucets for your bowl. By focusing on the lavatory faucet, you have narrowed down the project to one item. Easy, right? Once you have found the faucet in the right style and price point, the rest is a breeze! Your faucet will have a complete set of matching tub and shower faucets as well as accessories. See how easy and fun it can be!

Just by following these thee easy steps, you can turn the stress and confusion of making all those decisions, into a simple and exciting experience.

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