Pre-season Inspection

Warmer weather is coming as spring approaches and most of our air conditioners have not been used as much thanks to cooler temperatures. Here are a few  air conditioner maintenance tips to check on your air conditioning system before the beginning of this spring season.

Replace Filters

Replacing filters is an easy task homeowners can perform themselves without the help of a professional AC technician. It is recommended you change your filter at least once a month to keep your air conditioning functioning properly. This has the added benefit of increasing air quality which ranks as one of the most influential factors on our health. There are different types of filters to choose from. There are fiberglass filters that only last a month and HEPA filters that can last up to six months and be cleaned with a vacuum nozzle.air conditioner maintenance

Clean air vents

Take the time during your spring cleaning to clean your air vents. If you notice anything unusual while cleaning your vents or your system is not functioning as usual, contact an HVAC professional and schedule a checkup.

Regular Maintenance

Regular air conditioner maintenance can be done annually or semi-annually and means improved system performance and the extended life of your system parts and equipment, as well as prevent costly and inconvenient breakdowns. The easiest way to make sure that your home AC maintenance is done correctly is to have it performed regularly by a qualified air conditioner specialist.

Below are just a few benefits of an Annual Maintenance Plan:

  • Extended Equipment Life
  • Manufacturer recommended
  • Minimize large, costly repairs
  • Safer, cleaner, more reliable equipment
  • Minimize energy consumption

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