Dog Days of Summer – Pool Safety for Dogs

pool safety for dogs

Summer is here and boy has it been hot! We often talk about pool safety for our children, but we don’t really talk about pool safety for dogs, man’s best friend. How many of us allow our dogs to swim in our pools? It’s hot, and they like to cool off too! Do we think about pool safety for dogs? Here are some safety tips for our four legged friends.

First and foremost, make sure that your dog knows how to swim! Some dogs are better equipped for swimming, like labs and some smaller types. Heavier set dogs aren’t the best swimmers, they will actually sink. And it isn’t true that all dogs can swim. A lot of different things come into play such as size, snout size, athletic ability, and age. If in doubt, contact your vet.

If your dog can swim, and you allow them to swim, make sure that they are swimming in the pool and not drinking from the pool. Chlorine can irritate us humans, but it isn’t good for canines. So if they’re swimming, have a bowl of fresh water nearby so they are encouraged to drink that rather than the pool water.

As mentioned above, chlorine is an irritant, so after your dog enjoys a dip in the pool, rinse them off, then give them a good rub down to make sure they are nice and dry. Who wants a wet dog running around in the house anyway? Drying their ears is important, especially if they have droopy ears, you don’t want them to end up with an ear infection.

Of course, you never want your dog to be in the water unattended. So supervise them while they’re in the water. Always make sure they know how to get out of the pool as well. Teach them where the stairs are so they can get out when they want without help. They might even enjoy some flotation devices too!

After your dog takes a dip, be sure to clean the pool filter, it will most likely be full of dog hair, depending on the type of dog you have, or give LaPensee a call, we have pool maintenance plans to keep your pool crystal clear!

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