Pool Care Tips for When You’re On Vacation

Many of us in the Bradenton area own pools. They’re great for making memories with friends and family. But it’s summer, and the kids are out of school, many of us are taking vacations. How do you care for your pool while you’re away? See these pool care tips for when you’re on vacation.

Pool Care Tips


  • Since you won’t be home, it’s a good time to adjust the timer for the filter. Run it a little longer while you’re gone so there won’t be any problems. Since you’re not around to check the water, you won’t know if any adjustments need to be made.
  • Check to be sure everything is running properly and that the filter isn’t clogged or in need of replacement or cleaning.
  • Clean the backwash to be sure that everything can run its best while you’re away too.
  • Give the pool a good vacuum right before leaving so any debris is cleaned out.


  • Add extra chlorine to give it that extra bump. We are in rainy season, so it’s bound to rain while you’re away. The extra rain will dilute what would normally be in there.
  • Add an algaecide too. In addition to the extra chlorine, this will help to prevent any buildup of algae should the chlorine levels drop a bit. Algaecide lasts a long time, so this should cover you for the duration of your vacation.


Usually you might want to add water to your pool so that it doesn’t evaporate. But due to the fact that we are typically getting some rain each day, you might not need to. This depends on the duration of your vacation. You can also check out the weather forecast. Either way, should the pool get too filled, it’ll drain automatically, so adding water won’t hurt it.

If you have a residential pool maintenance plan with LaPensee Plumbing, Pools and Air, you wouldn’t need to worry about pool care while you’re on vacation. Check out our plan, and see if this is something that would benefit you!

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