Purchasing a New Home? Don’t Miss These Plumbing Inspection Tips

Plumbing InspectionDon’t overlook these important aspects of a plumbing inspection due to the excitement of buying a new home. You should always invest in a plumbing inspection so you know what to expect. Unfortunately, a plumbing inspection is one of the steps that many prospective home buyers overlook and it ends up being a costly error. Here are some of the top plumbing issues you should be aware of during your plumbing inspection.

Water Heater

Water heaters can last for about 8-10 years. Of course the useful life can vary depending on the location of the unit, the quality of the installation, the water quality coming into the home, and how well maintained it was. So it’s important to find out the status so you know what to be prepared for.

Old Piping/Bad Piping

Mold is one of the biggest problems we face here. With old or bad piping, the mold problem can only get worse. If pipes are leaking, mold will grow. If you see mold, either you or the current owner will need to do a mold remediation, it’s unhealthy for anyone to breathe.

Another issue is odor. If you smell sewer odors, or notice gurgling water, there might be a problem with the ventilation. This could be caused by clogged pipes or corroded pipes.

Sewer System

Whether the home has sewer or septic, they both have their own problems. Odors could represent a break or a blockage. Not all plumbers are equipped to check sewer systems for problems. At LaPensee Plumbing, Pools & Air we have the ability to visually inspect your sewage system to pinpoint the exact cause and location of the problem. Just like your drain pipes, your main sewer line can become clogged, which can cause sewage backups in your home.

Buying a home is an exciting time, and a long term commitment. LaPensee Plumbing, Pools & Air is here to help make sure you’re buying the home of your dreams! Contact us today!

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