Maintenance Tips for “Winterizing” Your Florida Pool

No, we don’t usually have to worry about freezing temperatures on Anna Maria Island during the winter months, but if you’re not heating your pool over the winter, chances are you won’t be swimming any time soon. Or perhaps you fancy a cold plunge? Either way, here are...

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Is It Time to Repipe Your Home?

Pipes that continually leak can sometimes mean more than what they seem. It might mean that it’s time to repipe your home. This may seem like a pain (and it is!) but fixing them can add value to your home, can help to avoid health problems, and of course, can avoid...

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Don’t Accidentally Void Your Air Conditioner’s Warranty

If you just replaced your Bradenton air conditioning unit, you don’t want all that money to go out the window. When you purchased that new air conditioning unit, you received a warranty that covered certain repairs, and replacements of major parts and much more,...

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Dog Days of Summer – Pool Safety for Dogs

Summer is here and boy has it been hot! We often talk about pool safety for our children, but we don’t really talk about pool safety for dogs, man’s best friend. How many of us allow our dogs to swim in our pools? It’s hot, and they like to cool off too! Do we think...

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Best Thermostat Setting For Summer in Florida

Summer is fast approaching here in southwest Florida, and here is a question we get asked very often. What is the best thermostat setting for summer in Florida? Well, there’s no SET number, it really depends on you and your comfort level. You can have the best, most...

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Tips to Help Mother Earth this Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! We put together some tips on ways that you can “Go Green” and reduce your impact on Mother Earth (and maybe even save a little money while you’re at it). You don’t need to go Off the Grid or give up meat to make a difference. The important thing here...

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Choosing an Economically Friendly AC Unit

Summer is just around the corner. That means it could be time to invest in a new air conditioning unit for your home. We are all looking for ways to save money, and living in the Bradenton area of Florida means that during the summer months, our air conditioners are...

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Spring Forward – Things to Consider as Homeowners

For many of us, Daylight Saving time means change the time on the clock, change the batteries in the smoke and fire alarms and enjoy the later sunsets. We do have the best sunsets around. But there are other things to consider as homeowners. Daylight Saving time is a...

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How Often Should You Change Your AC Filter?

Yes, it is winter, and yes you’re probably using your heat right now, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about the filters for your air conditioner. Most air conditioning units are also the same units providing heat. So how often do you need to change the...

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