How Often Should You Replace Your Pool Filter

Pool filters play a very important role in the cleanliness of your pool. And extending the life of your pool filter can depend on different factors. But how often should you replace your pool filter? Here are some tips on cleaning your pool filter cartridge, and then...

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Could a Dual Zone Air Conditioner Be Perfect For Your Home?

People often hear the term dual zone air conditioner and they get scared thinking it will cost a lot of money, but in the long run, it’ll probably be a good thing for your home, your electric bill, and your sanity! A dual zone air conditioner could be the perfect...

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Indoor Air Quality and How It Can Be Improved

We are hearing a lot of talk these days about indoor air quality. We aren’t quite sure about how the virus is being spread in enclosed spaces with the rise in coronavirus cases we’re seeing. It brings up a good conversation about air filters, their quality, and...

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Is it Time to Replace your Electric Water Heater?

Have you ever hopped in the shower or started doing dishes only to run out of hot water quickly? Did you know that could be a warning sign that your hot water tank needs to be replaced? Have you ever checked the date on your hot water tank? Do you even have it...

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Hurricane Pool Preparation

Hurricane season is almost upon us, and if you’ve watched the news lately, you might have seen that there could be some sort of named storm ahead of hurricane season! There’s no better time than now to start your hurricane pool preparation!   Here are our tips to...

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Plumbers and HVAC Professionals are Essential Workers

The White House has deemed that plumbers and HVAC professionals are essential workers. This means that LaPensee Plumbing Pools and Air is here to keep your water flowing and your homes cool. We are open to serve you! While we are open it is important that everyone...

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Hands Free Bathroom Faucets, See the Benefits

There are so many benefits of installing hands free bathroom faucets, especially now with the new coronavirus and the importance of frequent hand washing. But the benefits of hands free bathroom faucets go even beyond that, keep reading to see some of the most...

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Trendy Swimming Pool Updates

Make no mistake, here in Holmes Beach, homeowners like to make the most out of our outdoor living space. We are adding televisions to our outdoor patios, adding fireplaces, and more outdoor seating. The upgrades don’t stop there. We now have trendy swimming pool...

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Three Ways a Zone Controlled System Can Save You Money

Who wants to heat or cool a room that no one is in? It’s a waste of money right? With zoning, you’re able to heat or cool different areas of the house when needed. Because each zone has its own thermostat, there’s no energy being wasted on empty rooms. Let’s look at...

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What’s That Popping Sound Coming from Your Water Heater?

Your water heater might just be the most underappreciated appliance in your house. Have you ever stopped to think about what it does? It provides hot water for a lot more than just your showers. It takes care of hot water for washing your hands, washing dishes, (both...

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