Maintenance Tips for “Winterizing” Your Florida Pool

No, we don’t usually have to worry about freezing temperatures on Anna Maria Island during the winter months, but if you’re not heating your pool over the winter, chances are you won’t be swimming any time soon. Or perhaps you fancy a cold plunge? Either way, here are some maintenance tips you might want to consider as the weather cools off.

Clean the Pool as You Normally Would

Keep cleaning the pool as you normally would. This includes cleaning the filter and vacuuming as normal.  Even though you’re not swimming as often as you would in warmer months, it’s important to keep cleaning. Empty the traps every few days to prevent leave build ups from clogging the system too.

Maintain Chemical Balance

Maintain the pool’s chemical balance the same way in the winter as you would during the summer. Algae can still grow during the winter months. This is Florida after all.

Keep an Eye on the Water Levels

Because you’re keeping the pool running, it’s important to keep an eye on the water levels. Rainy season is over, and with the days becoming dry and cooler, the water will evaporate more rapidly, so it’s important to be aware and fill the pool when necessary. Don’t be caught off guard if the water level drops by one or two inches per week.

Remove Pool Accessories

Take all toys out of the pool, and take out ladders too (if they’re removable). Take out anything that can collect water. If you’re planning on covering your pool, these things can get in the way of a cover, not to mention become a breeding ground for mosquito’s.

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