LaPensee Is Here to Service All Your Pool’s Needs

pool servicesLaPensee offers monthly pool services to keep your pool in tip top shape, but did you know that in addition to that, we also offer many other services? Because we have a commercial pool contracting license, it allows us to offer a variety of other pool services including:


Commercial/Residential Resurfacing

Resurfacing your pool can increase the value of your home, lower the cost of chemicals put into your pool, reduce the amount of water loss, and allow you to enjoy your pool even more! At LaPensee Plumbing Pools and Air, we perform a complete pool resurfacing so that your pool looks brand new when we are done!

Equipment Installation and Repair

Between pool pumps, filters, timers, automation, vacuums, salt water chlorinator and everything else it takes to keep a pool sparkly clean, we’ve got you covered!

VGBA Drain Cover Installations

The Virginia Graeme Baker Act (VGBA) specifies main drain depth versus pipe size, as part of the safety regulations. If you are a home pool owner and your pool was built before 2008, your pool is probably not in compliance and you may run the risk of accidental entrapment in your pool. Please call us if you would like us to assess your pool for this risk.

Leak Repairs

We lose enough water in our pools due to the sun and wind; no one wants to lose more due to leaks. We’re here to help with that too. Contact us if you think your pool is leaking.

Acid Washes

Having your pool acid washed is a great way to return your pool to its original luster. It is a method of deep cleaning which cleans scale, salt calcium, rust and discoloration from the surface of the pool.

Water Management Systems

LaPensee offers water management systems to keep your pool running with the optimal chemical levels which improve safety, reduce maintenance and lower operating costs.

New Pool Construction

If you’re still dreaming about your backyard oasis, let LaPensee’s new pool construction team transform your back yard to the pool you’ve been waiting for your whole life! We are here to help in all aspects of design.

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