Hurricane Pool Preparation

Hurricane season is almost upon us, and if you’ve watched the news lately, you might have seen that there could be some sort of named storm ahead of hurricane season! There’s no better time than now to start your hurricane pool preparation!

Hurricane Pool Preparation


Here are our tips to get you started on your hurricane pool preparation.

  • Don’t lower the water level in your pool. This can become a dangerous situation when the pressure drops, so even if we are to have a lot of rain, please keep the water in your pool and don’t drain it. The last thing you want is for your pool to pop out of the ground! Keeping sufficient water levels in your pool provides the important weight to hold the sides and bottom in place. This is especially important if heavy rains raise the local water table. If you feel like you must remove some water, then drain it about 2-3 inches.
  • Don’t cover your pool. You might be inclined to cover your pool to keep debris out of it, but with the potential for flying debris, and downed branches, you risk the chance of damaging the pool cover anyway.
  • Prepare ahead of time. Often times we have warning time before a storm approaches, but as we have seen in recent years, they can turn quickly. Trim branches, bushes and be prepared to take outdoor furniture, toys and potted plants indoors quickly, if necessary.
  • When we are having a hurricane, turn pool equipment off at the circuit breaker. Securely cover pumps and motors with a large tarp to help against rain and wind too.
  • Don’t forget small pool parts like filter tops, and filter lids, take those inside as well.
  • No need to shock your pool ahead of time. Chances are whatever you put in your pool stands a high possibility of being blown out. It is far easier (and cheaper) to just treat the pool after the storm has subsided. Additional damages, if any, can be addressed at the same time.

If you have any questions about preparing your pool for a storm, please call us at (941) 778-5622, or visit your LaPensee Plumbing Pools & Air to speak with an expert.

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