Hurricane & Plumbing Preparedness

Hurricane and Plumbing Preparedness

In Florida, June 1 marks the beginning of the dreaded hurricane season. During this time homeowners and business owners ensure their property is as safe as it can be from the potential danger of the treacherous storm season. Hurricane shutters are fortified, extra food and water are stored, backup energy sources are gathered, flashlights and batteries are purchased and insurance policies are updated as part of the preparation process.

All of these tasks are critical in hurricane survival, but what many do not realize is this survival mode should be directed toward plumbing issues in properties on a continual basis. How long do you wait before calling someone to fix your leaky faucet or a cracked pipe? The potential cost from water damage can be greatly reduced by calling a professional when a leak is detected as well as regularly checking for problem areas. Once a property owner begins consistently reviewing plumbing it will be easier to eliminate future issues from occurring. Hurricane and plumbing preparedness go hand in hand. So remember as you prepare for hurricane season, take time to also check your plumbing.

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