Holiday Plumbing Tips

Holiday Plumbing Tips

The holiday season is upon us! With the holidays come more people visiting. This translates into more toilet flushing, washing, showers, dish washing,  and unwanted left overs going down the disposal. The last thing anyone wants with a house full of people is for the plumbing to stop working, or even back up! The key to preventing any of these emergencies is maintenance. Save yourself a plumbing visit on Christmas or New Year’s Eve with these smart tips to prepare your plumbing.

Keep your plumbing in tip top shape

If you are noticing little leaks, drippy faucets, or a lack of pressure, now’s the time to make those repairs. With increased guests, it’s likely to break now rather than later. Consult a plumber prior to the big influx of guests as you prepare for the holidays.

Should I Flush?

Make a little sign advising guests of what can and can’t go down the toilet. Things such as baby wipes, sanitary napkins, and paper towels should go in trash bags.

Garbage Disposal/Dishwasher

Not EVERYTHING can go down the garbage disposal. Keep the water running before and after items go down the drain. Things to avoid include bones, and popcorn kernels. It also shouldn’t be stuffed. Remember not to drain fatty oils and grease too; they’ll only clog up the drains.  Save on that water bill (and hot water) by using the dish washer during times that aren’t so busy, such as overnight.


Nothing feels worse than standing in a tub full of water while taking a shower. Prevent a clogged shower by cleaning it before your guests arrive. Sometimes it’s as easy as unscrewing the top and taking out the excess hair. If not, usually some drain cleaner or drain snakes can do the trick.

Running Toilet?

Fix the running toilet before your guests arrive, it’s usually a sign of a bigger problem.

Between baking, cooking and house guests, all things water related in your home will get much more use. If you do have any little problems, give us a call at (941) 778-5622 now so you don’t have an embarrassing problem while your home is full of guests!

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