Hands-Free, Germ-Free

Hands FreeFaucet


Let’s face it, the idea of using a public restroom or any restroom other than the one in your home frightens some of you. For all of you germ phobic people out there, you may want to consider switching your conventional faucets for your bath and kitchen to hands-free. Research has proven that commercial washrooms with hands-free fixtures are cleaner, more sanitary and use less water than conventional washrooms.

Hands-free faucets also make cooking and being in the kitchen simpler. How many times have you had your hands covered in flour while baking or meat while making dinner? With the touchless faucets you don’t have to get your germs on the handles of your faucet which will save you time in cleanup and prevent the spread of bacteria found in raw foods.

You may also see your water bill decrease because you will only be using the water you need rather than wasting water because of the motion activated sensor.

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