Get Your AC Ready for Summer

Get Your AC Ready for Summer

It might feel a bit warmer than we’re used to here in Florida, but it’s not summer yet! When summer does come, we’ll know it. Now’s a great time to get that AC running in tip-top shape.  The last thing anyone wants is a hot Florida day, stuck in the house with a broken air conditioner. There are a few tips to make sure your air conditioner is running smoothly before it becomes a daily necessity.

  1. Schedule a regular seasonal check up with a professional. These seasonal check-ups will not only extend the life of your AC, but can also save on expensive repairs later, as well as utility bills.
  2. Change your air filter. Air filters should be changed on a monthly basis. If you have regular scheduled maintenance, a professional can do this for you. Shopping for filters can be a bit overwhelming, there’s so many to choose from with different sizes and ratings. You might think the highest MERV rating is the best, but the higher the rating, the harder the air conditioning unit has to work, so think about efficiency when making this purchase.
  3. Check your system for leaks. Even the smallest leak can have a big effect on performance.
  4. If you need a new air conditioning unit, talk to a professional about the size and type of unit that best fits the need of your home and family. Once you have decided on the right system, leave it to the professionals to install it!

Regular maintenance is crucial to a properly running efficient air conditioner. According to Energy Star, improper installation of your air conditioning equipment can reduce system efficiency by up to 30% – costing you more on your utility bills and possibly shortening the equipment’s life. Not only that, but regularly scheduled maintenance can help extend the life of your unit, which in turn reduces the number of units needing replacement over your lifetime.

At LaPensee Plumbing, Pools and Air, we offer a variety of AC services, including New Installation, to help you get ready for summer. Give us a call today to get your estimate on a new system. We have special financing available!

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