Drain Cleaning- Are your drains clear?

As long as water is flowing freely through the drains, you don’t give them much thought. However, when a drain becomes clogged, pouring dirty water over your floor, it becomes another story. There are many reasons that sewer drains may become clogged: Hair, food, grease, collapsing sewer lines, or plant roots can cause a sewer to backup.

Drain Cleaning

Are your Drains Clear?

Sometimes a drain will back up with no warning. Usually, though there will be signs that you have a drainage problem. Indicators of problems are pipes that gurgle, foul odors coming from your drains, or slow draining toilets, showers, or tubs. If you have any of these issues, getting your drains cleaned by a professional, now, can save frustration in the future. Sewage backups are not just messy; they are also very unhealthy for you and your family.

Cleaning Drain Blockages

Most homeowners are able to clear a blockage with a plunger, chemical solution, or with other do it yourself methods. These methods may work if it is a small clog. If you have a continual blockage or one that you cannot fix, drain cleaning of your home or business sewer pipes will be necessary. To do this the plumbers use a method called hydro jetting, using a high-pressure sprayer.

How Efficient are your Drains?

Drains that clog often could have structural problems. As drain pipes age, the insides can become rough, penetrated by plant roots, or collapse. Replacement of sewer lines is necessary as homes and properties age. A sewer-video inspection may be used to look into the pipes and see if there is an obstruction such as roots or other damage. Once diagnosed, the plumber can advise the homeowner on different options to resolve it.

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