Showroom Designer Insights

Showroom Designer Insights

SRQ Magazine recently featured an article about our showroom design consultant, Lisa Logue and her insights regarding kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Logue discusses the pros and cons of various fixtures, making it easier for clients to make an educated decision.

Logue has seen popularity in the square and angular lines in kitchen sinks. “There’s not as strong a traditional market as I’ve seen in years past. The contemporary Zero Radius sink doesn’t have curved edges, but rather a perfectly square 90-degree corner,” said Logue.

Many homeowners are choosing to upgrade their kitchens with the stainless steel products being offered to give the space a high-end appearance. “Stainless steel is very durable and sanitary. It’s a little harder to keep the water spots out, but it’s durable,” said Logue.

The author states that China porcelain has been the standard in the bathroom and currently remains at the top. “We are seeing rectangular under mount sinks with a flat bottom as opposed to an oval shape. And keeping with that design, the faucet knobs have a square shape to them as well; it gives a nice linear look to the bathroom,” said Logue.

Making your home unique can often be a daunting task, but with a little education from our showroom consultant, the experience can flow more smoothly.


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