Fix a Leak Week

Fix a leak week is back again, it’s time to check both inside and outside the house for those pesky leaks. They might seem small and not much of a big deal, but as you know, small leaks can turn into bigger problems when they’re left untreated. So let’s do a run through of where…

Purchasing a New Home? Don’t Miss These Plumbing Inspection Tips

Don’t overlook these important aspects of a plumbing inspection due to the excitement of buying a new home. You should always invest in a plumbing inspection so you know what to expect. Unfortunately, a plumbing inspection is one of the steps that many prospective home buyers overlook and it ends up being a costly error….

Water Heater Installation

Hurricane season is coming to an end, which means many of you are returning for the winter. That also means it’s time to check up on and possibly install a new water heater. The good news is that LaPensee Plumbing, Pools, and Air has you covered with water heater installation! LaPensee Plumbing offers SAME DAY…