5 Tips for Pools with High Water Levels

5 Tips for Pools with High Water Levels

Due to the disastrous, record breaking rain over the weekend, some of you might be experiencing pools with high water levels, or are already over flowing. There’s really nothing dangerous about having a pool which is filled to the brim, but the pool does run better and the filter works more efficiently if the water level isn’t too high.

If you have a concrete or brick patio surrounding your pool, there shouldn’t be too much to worry about with flooding. The pool deck area should have drainage and be pitched away from the house so it doesn’t flood the house.

We usually don’t recommend draining your pool, but if you feel it is absolutely necessary, drain only the amount of excess water your pool has retained. This should only be a few inches. Remember, keeping sufficient water levels in your pool provides the important weight to hold the sides and bottom in place. This is especially important if heavy rains, like we’ve had, raise the local water table.

If you are draining your pool, please see these tips below:

  • Never drain your pool if there is standing water in your yard.
  • Do not let your pool drain unattended. You must be there, watching while it’s draining.
  • Check the status of your pump before you begin draining. If your pump is underwater, don’t turn it on.  If the pump is on a timer, turn if off from the circuit breaker inside until the water recedes.
  • Make sure that by draining your pool, you are not flooding yourself or a neighbor.
  • Be sure to recheck the chemicals and add shock if needed after a flooding event.

Keep in mind that most pools are installed to prevent water levels from rising above a certain point; the water is drained away from the pool. And if you have questions, check with a professional. We are here to help. If we service your pool already, leave it be and we will correct the water level and chemicals when we clean your pool. If you’re interested in having pool services, contact us today for a free estimate.


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